We Are Just Getting Started!

Currently, Belle Blanc is only available at Silkwood in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Also, you may contact us directly with questions on our product. We are just getting started! Please sign our guest book and we will e-mail you as Belle Blanc expands.


  1. Hi Leah,
    Just went in to check on your website;- looking good! I adore the pictures of Debbie & George (Mr. Handsome).
    How are you doing? Any craft days coming up?
    I have decided not to do any more shows, just my web store, so I’m sort of “all on my own” now!
    Drop me a line, if you have the time -)

  2. Cheers to you! I just finished reading The White House in Flea Market Style and went right to your website and blog! Your items are beautiful and definetely being saved in my fav’s! Good luck getting started! I’m also “just getting started” this year – grand opening this spring/summer! Looking forward to someday purchasing some of your beautiful pieces!! Everything looks so clean and comfy!
    Best Wishes for a successful business!

  3. LOVE the clothing! Off to see what I can buy!


  4. Thanks Melissa…Good luck with your grand opening this summer. Please keep us posted. Best Wishes to you and your business…Leah xox

  5. I love love love your work! Just saw you in Flea Market mag and went right away to your website. I love white clothing immensely, esp if it is artsy, unique and feminine! Need to see pricing and sizes tho and how us that aren’t privileged to live in OR can get it! Well done!!!!! Loveeee it!

  6. Thank you Wendi,

    I stopped by the Jennyludesigns website and am VERY impressed! What an incredible artist Jennifer is…I love her use of colour and all her work seems to emit great positive feelings. I had never head of Williams Syndrome and so very glad that you visited the site and allowed me to become a little more informed. I hope to meet you all one day and meet a very talented fellow artist. xo

    p.s. we are still in the preliminary stages of developing the company but please keep checking back as we’ll have some more exciting information coming up in the near future. Leah

  7. Lovely pieces. Oregon is definitely a place I need to visit someday. I will keep an eye on you! Love your art!!!

  8. Love Love your style. I want your clothes and the shop that carries them doesn’t feature them on their website for sale. Do they have all of your pieces? I can’t wait for you to be able to shop online. Please keep in touch because I am looking forward to wearing you clothes soon. I’m a beach Girl in California and this look goes year round!

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