The Love Affair Begins

The love affair….


  1. Oh, how I love the Belle Blanc line of clothing. I live in Atlanta GA, is the line sold anywhere else in the US closer to me and I am petite (5 ft.) would this line work on me as well?? I do hope yes. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Tamela Moore

  2. Hi Tamela,
    Unfortunately we are not yet available in Atlanta we are hoping to have a location in Florida soon but that’s still in the works…that’s the beauty about this line…it’s meant to work on a lot of different body types…if you are quite fine boned you would definitely want to order smalls. Please feel free to call us at 612.708.6793

  3. Loved what you did in Flea Market Style magazine. I live in Eastern Oregon (Hermiston) and my husband is an Oregon Coastie ( raised in Reedsport). Love your clothes line and that you love animals. We are on our 2nd white std poodle…so sweet! We have also we have in the past adopted Silver Std poodles(both needed homes). Recently, we adopted my twin sister’s miniature poodle and my very much loved aunts 2 tiny Yorkie’s.
    So , I already like you and your art. Welcome to Oregon!!!
    Cathy Cross-Hickman

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